Help your Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Team continue to stand ready to assist everyone in the community.  Our 50+ year history of readiness and professional response capability is made possible by generous individuals and charitable foundations.

With your support we are able to:

  • Maintain our rescue gear – including ropes, rigging equipment and first aid supplies
  • Provide specialized training to our volunteers in areas such as Technical Rescue, Wilderness Emergency Medicine, Off-highway Emergency Vehicle skills and Swiftwater Rescue
  • Maintain our facilities and specialty vehicles.

We are a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is completely volunteer-run. All donations are tax deductible and sincerely appreciated!

Please consider making a one-time donation or subscribing to make a recurring donation.

There are 4 easy ways for you to support us today:

  1. PayPal – Make a One-time donation or subscribe to make a recurring donation →                                                                                 
  2. Send a check to Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue PO Box 6602, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6602
  3. Donate through
  4. Deferred Gifts and Planned giving (get in touch)


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