Sheriff’s Welcome

Welcome to the official Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue team website.

This outstanding organization is a volunteer branch of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office composed entirely of unpaid citizens of Santa Barbara County. Team members generously donate their time, energy, and money to become proficient in many aspects of wilderness emergency rescue. Their areas of expertise include high-angle rock rescues, car-over-the-side accidents, downed aircraft, swift water rescues and other medical emergencies. The team is also highly trained in search operations for overdue hikers, mountain bikers, missing children and lost hunters. The team works very closely with our County Air Support Unit to provide these life saving services under varied and often difficult circumstances.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is extremely proud of the superb work performed by our Search and Rescue Team. I encourage you to visit the Team website to learn more about them and how you can contribute to their continued success.


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